If you build a brick house - you will live long,

If you build a concrete house - you will live 10 years less,

If you want to live 10 years more - build a log house...

Log Home Design

based on your land lot configuration and your desires

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at our own production site of different wood and styles

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Shiping and Assembling

at any place by the same people who built the log structure

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Finishing the House

We have a lot of experience of doing all other types of work

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about any stage of building of log house

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Our services


teams of builders


trucks of bark and shavings


cubic meters of logs yearly


suppliers and contractors

Some of our projects

from design to finish

lafet, scandinavian style log house

scandinavian style lafet

western red cedar log house

western red cedar

russian banya sauna round notch

classic russian round notch

diamond notch with flared butts

Diamond notch with flares

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About us



Our own production site

We used to build of glued timbers and machined logs for years. But after some time we switched to handcrafted log building because we realized, that the more people build of unified and machined materials, the more values hand cut log houses provide and the more actively traditions of handcrafted log building revive. That is why we set up our own log homes production site which is situated far from dusty city in a pollution-free area on the lake not far from Ilmen national park.

Whole village of our homes

In our Village of log houses «Teremki» on one street you can see and touch finished log houses in different wood, styles and techniques. Do you know any other place to do it?

Team of logbuilders

People in our team devoted several decades of their lives to log building. We don't say that our houses and saunas are the best, we just have a passion to create homes of wood and grow professionally, use innovations and at the same time follow traditions proved by ages. And it is not that easy.

Good location

We have a good geografical location. Ural mountains - is a border between Europe and Asia. From one hand we are close to logs growth areas of both pine and cedar. From the other hand it is not too far to ship our houses everywhere: European and Asian parts of Russia, Khazakhstan, China, Europe and Middle East.

Partnership with Canada

We are authorised representative for Moore Log and Timber Homes  - one of the world leaders in log building industry. We are in constant contact with them, work together on some projects. So, we have an opportunity to exchange world class experience and follow all the modern trends in world of log building.


Our partners


The village of log houses «Teremki»

our long-term project 


+7 (351) 776-17-10

+7 902 862 9801

International Log Builders' Association