Our projects made of western red cedar in Russia:

1. Project "Canadian". A house-sauna made of western red cedar. A collaboration with Moore Log and Timber Homes. Import, assembling, sauna building by Teremki. Design by Andrey Lykov. Location - Kaliningrad region. More details about assembling here. More photos at Portfolio.

2. Project "Viking". The house is built in our Village of log homes "Teremki". It is a handcrafted house made of western red cedar. Please see the video of assembling process below, and find more picture in Portfolio. The design idea (ancient Russian architecture) is by Moscow architect Mikhail Kasatkin. We redesigned it based on the client's wishes and sent to our partner in Canada. Canadian company Moore Log and Timber Homes built the log structure. "Teremki" finished the house: roof, porch, interior finish, painting.

Western Red Cedar houses in Russia with "Teremki". This video represent the assembling process of a log structure build by Moore Log and Timber Homes. The house is located in Village of log homes "Teremki"

Sales representative certificate by Moore Log and Timber Homes:

Moore certificate 640

Brian and Teremki in Berlin 2013"Teremki" is an authorized representative of "Moore Log and Timber Homes" in Russia. Brian Moore and his team built more than 450 log houses around the world during 35 years.

"Moore Log and Timber Homes" is one of the world leaders in building handmade log homes of western red cedar. It is proved by a number of his projects not only in North America, but in Japan, Argentina, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and other countries. Now these unique houses are available in Russia

World class "Moore Log and Timber Homes" is not only in finest quality of buildings, but in material these buildings are made of - Western Red Cedar. It grows only in north-west of North America and have great combination of features:

  • Minimal damage by insectstrailer with logs of western red cedar
  • Environmental, weather and rot resistant
  • Preserve its natural color in comparison to Russian pine and cedar
  • Low humidity, which means minimal settling and cracking
  • Heat conductivity is much better then pine and fir
  • Stable geometry of a log and its unique natural flared butts
  • Nice color, cedar smell full of phytoncides

At ALL these bullets Western Red Cedar is better than Russian local pine, cedar and fir. Western Red Cedar – is the best material on the planet to build a log house.

Brian Moore builds handmade log houses in the folloing styles:

1 HandCut/HandCrafted - houses of logs of big diameter (45-80cm) with flared butts connected usually with "diamond notch":

Handcut by Brian Moore handcrafted from inside дом в стиле HandCrafted

2 DoveTail - massive, solid (not glued) wood timbers fit together seamlessly to form an incredibly solid structure:

DoveTail house DoveTail house DoveTail House

3 Post & Beam - houses with round posts and beams for those who prefer a balanced touch of wood throughout their homes.

дом в стиле Post&Beam post and beam by Moore Log and Timber Homes Post and Beam

We can help you to become an owner of a unique log house made of Western Red Cedar. Our services:

Usually the log structure consists of: walls, cealing beams, rafters system, balcony railings, gasket and bolts. all the rest can be bought in Russia.

The price depends on the building style and starts from 1500 USD/sq.m.

To see more photos of Moore Log and Timber Homes projects visit their Facebook page

If you want to live in really unique and modern log house - a handmade house of Western Red Cedar is the best choice!

Finishing materials of western red cedar and other exotic materials can be supplied by our partner - "REDCEED".


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