ATTENTION! We build only from seasoned logs. We keep logs stacked at our production site during a year (at least summer), and only after evaporation of the main part of moisture we start to build. It helps to increase the quality of notсhes and joints and to minimize settling of a log building.

Log structure from round Siberian pine logs with diameter 36-60cm.
Base prices (including raw logs price):

from 449 USD/cub.m
Walls of horizontal round logs
from 549 USD/cub.m
Log posts and beams
from 469 USD/cub.m
Walls of lafet
699 USD/cub.m
Custom log trusses
from 10 USD/sq.m
Preliminary design

If you order a log building from us then preliminary design is FREE

  • Floor plans
  • Facades, sections
  • 3D visualization
  • Foundation plan


Type of work Price
Additional options and decorative elements consult, TBD
Change material from pine to cedar +69 USD/cub.m
Wall side cut (cut 1 side of a log to make flat surface from inside of a house) 49 USD/cub.m
Roof system (no materials included) from 30 USD/sq.m

Usually log building consists of all above listed components in different proportion. Each of them is priced separately. The price depends not only on cubic meters of logs, but on the number of notches, joints, openings, cuts, etc. For rough estimation of price above listed prices can be used. To price a project precisely preliminary design drawings are needed.

We build handmade log houses and saunas in following styles:

1 HandCut/HandCrafted - log houses of logs of big diameters (35-60cm), connected usually with diamond notch , classic russian round notch and saddle notch are available.

Russian sauna with russian round notchDiamond notch with flared butts from Russia Russian diamond notch on a smaller diameter

2 Piece-en-Piece - logs stacked horizontally between vertical posts. No standard notches and corners. Only some elements of a house are usually built in a piece-en-piece style.

piece-en-piece bay window piece-and-piece in log house piece-en-piece bay window in handmade log home

3 Hybrid (non-settling) - mixing of two or more materials to build a house. Our hybrid log homes blend non-settling materials (bricks, concrete, stones, timber framing) and round logs to underline it's natural beauty. The log walls are chinked. They do not settle down and this give an opportunity to combine it with other non-settling materials.

hybrid non-settling handmade log home hybrid non-settling log house from Russia non-settling log building by Teremki Russia

4 Post & Beam - houses where log structure consists of round post and beams.

log buidling Post and Beam style 2nd floor Post and Beam in log house from Russia posts and beams and noframes window by Teremki

5  Scandinavian style - houses from lafet - logs with two flat side cuts. Lafet is 22cm wide and from 32cm high are connected with Norwegian notch :

lafet Norwegian scandinavian log house, norwegian notch lafet sauna, norwegian notch

5 Truss - essentially a triangulated log system of straight interconnected structural elements. The most common use of trusses is to support roofs or big spans.

log truss log truss by Teremki log truss from Russia


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