Here you can see an average project milestones of building a handmade log house in our company.

Preliminary design

Usually it takes a lot of time and most of the clients underestimate this stage. There are many things to be defined: number and types of rooms, their sizes, the way of heating, floor system, roof system, etc. Even if the client comes with a ready design drawings, in most cases we have to redesign it to fit our log building production techniques.

Buying logs and debarking

We use winter cut logs. We can bring logs from woods to our production site mainly during winter for the whole next 12 months operations. Logs come to our site by trucks. We debark them and stack them to season during at least summer period. Client can continue work on design of a house during this period, make some adjustments.

Logs seasoning/foundation construction

Summer period is used to dry the stacked logs. This is a good time for a client to build a foundation at his construction site. We DON'T do any foundation works at client's site, only at Village of log houses "Teremki".

Building of a log structure

Best time for log building in our area is winter when it is dry and clean. Building of an average log house (first floor Hand Crafted, upper floor Post & Beam) of 200 sq.m. takes about 5-6 months.

Disassembling and shipping

After the log structure is finished at our production site we start to disassemble it. During this stage we also drill holes for electric wiring, we attached insulation and gasket, we spray the logs, mark them, pack them and load into the trucks or containers which are carried then to the client's land lot.

Assembling on foundation

This is the shortest stage. Usually it takes from 3 to 10 days. The client's duty is to prepare the area for unloading the logs and provide the crane to assemble the log building.


In most cases this is where we finish our job. Client finishes the house by himself with a contractor.


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