We build handmade homes, saunas, banyas, gazebos and whatever can be made of big logs.

Teremki build log structures in different styles:

building handcrafted log homes and saunas

Our own production site is situated far from a dusty city in a pollution-free area on the lake not far from Ilmen national park.

We build of different wood, but main are pine and cedar. We use pine which grow in our Urals region, so it is close to our production site and this allows us to buy long logs up to 13 meters. Average diameter of pine logs we use is 40-45cm and the age is 120-160 years. Pine in our region at this age has featured flared butts and most of our clients love it a lot. The cedar we buy from the North of Urals and Altai region.

Building average log house of 200 sq.m. takes 5-8 months. This is a handmade process and many people work hard on each and every log. The best time for log building in our region is winter, so normally the building is finished by spring and then it can be shipped and assembled on client's foundation. Find more details about the process of building at our Stages page.


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International Log Builders' Association