We do finish some of the log houses that we build including utility networks and interior finishing works.

We do:

отделка деревянного дома
  • building and installation of roof system
  • exterior painting
  • building and installation of windows and doors jambs/li>
  • installation of windows
  • floor and ceiling systems installation
  • heating systems installation
  • electric wiring
  • fireplace and chimney works
  • water and drainage piping
  • interior painting
  • bathroom and kitchen equipment and furniture installation
  • finish flooring
  • installation of doors
  • installation of window and doors trims
  • installation of lightning system
  • installation of stairs

Why did we list all these works in such details? Because each of them affects the design of log structure and it's elements. We gained a lot of PRACTICAL experience in EACH of these works, and it helps us to design and do right things during building of a log house or sauna taking into account all these future works. It saves a lot of time and money for the client during finishing the house and what is most important it helps to avoid mistakes which are difficult to correct.


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